Tuesday, September 12, 2006

'And when we meet we look away...'

'Hip hop over the city'
by Kristin Dorfhuber
Time... is never time enough...
Someone said.
A singer.
So, you have three songs.
Inspired, in a way, by stumbling across the work of Kristin Dorfhuber.
Music is art.
Yes it is.
Yes it is.
Yes it is.
Kristin's paintings are wonderful.
Funny sort of week.
Time vanished.
First week back into it all, perhaps.
Small people vanish, better places to go.
The routine.
But, I fell back in love with the voice of Drita from Berntholer.
So, I can breathe, again.
And it's goodbye.
For a time.
Hurry back.

Dif Juz - 'No motion' (4.49) [mp3]
- from the album 'Lonely is an eyesore' [4AD compilation]

Anna Domino - 'Isn't that so' (Jesse Winchester cover) (3.45) [mp3]
- from the album 'Mysteries of America'

Berntholer - 'My suitor' (3.07) [mp3]
- from the album 'Merry Lines in the Sky'


Take the first left...

Dif Juz

Anna Domino



Album of choice: Anna Domino - 'Anna Domino' (1986) [2004 LTM re-release]

It's winter. A light snow falls. Grey, fractured light spills from the clouds. Watching the waves ripple back and forth with seagulls, heads twitching, catching a ride with the ebb and flow... forwards to backwards, a repeat cycle with no ending... and you stand by the fading shoreline, staring out to sea, wrapped up warm... and you wonder where, exactly, your life might be heading... And this plays in your ears. There are no words. But it all makes sense. A smile creeps in, across a face weathered and beaten. You are home. For love matters.

Nancy Wilson - 'Elevator beat' (2.44) [mp3] (from the 'Vanilla Sky' soundtrack)
Places to go... please take a little time to visit Kristin Dorfhuber's online Gallery.
"Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable."
George Bernard Shaw
PS. I'm lost in your inbox. But I can see the light.