Tuesday, September 12, 2006

'Oh let the nuclear wind blow away my sins...'

"Stay at home tonight"

Can't stop... I've a new book to read.

Oh, and some work to do as well.

But, I will just quickly say that I've been completely taken by the Union of Knives debut album.

Yes, yes, I know, that's another Glasgow band...

What can I do though?

So, other news... looking forward to an Indian Summer. But just the Sunday. Family coming tae Glasgae on the Saturday.

Oh, and advance notice - The Scottish Enlightenment have got a show in Glasgow coming up.

Have a look over here for details/tickets. You can't miss it.

A future post is coming on the band and the Moojuice label...


Meantime... three choice cuts from the Sunday audio-deli...

1) Suede 'rock out' the Barrows (memo: when they rocked, Suede really f*****g rocked)

2) Morrissey being Bolan (almost successfully, though a rather odd choice of song, to my mind)

3) Union of Knives making Scotland 'proud, very proud' (instrumental wonderfulness)


Suede - 'We are the pigs' (live, Glasgow Barrowlands, 15-12-94) (3.34) [mp3]

- from 'Introducing the band' DVD (2005, originally released 1995)

Morrissey - 'Cosmic dancer' (live, T. Rex cover) (3.55) [mp3]

- from 'My early burglary years' (Reprise, 1998)

Union of Knives - 'The law is against my heart' (2.32) [mp3]

- from 'Violence & Birdsong' (Relentless, 2006)



To buy... Union of Knives - 'Violence & Birdsong' (Relentless, 2006)

Visit their website (watch video) and their myspace.

Thought to self: would it look very bad if my 'best of 2006' CD-R only featured the work of Glasgow/Scottish bands? It does seem to be heading that way... What? Parochial? Moi?



1: Feature post/interview coming soon on Solipsism...

2: Just for the record, I can't f'ing stand Braehead. It induces headaches of outstanding magnitude. I don't care how many 'quality shops' it has 'under one roof'. Never. F. Again.

3: A very interesting article in today's Observer about the Coming Of Rave Part 2. It's scribbled by Sarah Champion nonetheless... 'Disco Biscuits' person herself.
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Saturday, August 26, 2006
'Time to open your eyes now...'
'Cheri Bibi'
Max Ernst
"Mr Hemingway says a lot of things I don't understand," Matilda said to her. "Especially about men and women. But I loved it all the same. The way he tells it I feel I am right there on the spot watching it all happen."
"A fine writer will always make you feel that," Mrs. Phelps said. "And don't worry about the bits you can't understand. Sit back and allow the words to wash around you, like music."
"I will, I will."
From: 'Matilda' by Roald Dahl.
['The old man and the sea' by Ernest Hemingway]
Earlier tonight I read a half-chapter to Middle Son to get him off to sleep and the above passage, really, said it all.
So, let it wash around you.
Especially 'Snowfall'.
'Hello, hello I called too late...'
Invincible - 'Venus on the rise' (3.31) [mp3] from 'Venus'.
Kitchens of Distinction - 'Remember me?' (4.43) from 'Cowboys and Aliens'.
Robin Guthrie and Harold Budd - 'Snowfall' (6.30) [mp3] from 'Mysterious Skin' soundtrack.
Top of the pops...
Roald Dahl - 'Matilda' [buy here]
Visit Max Ernst (1891-1976).
'Mysterious Skin' soundtrack [buy here]
"Great art picks up where nature ends."
Marc Chagall
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Friday, August 25, 2006
'And when we meet we look away...'
'Hip hop over the city'
by Kristin Dorfhuber
(70x100cm - mixed media on canvas)
Time... is never time enough...
Someone said.
A singer.
So, you have three songs.
Inspired, in a way, by stumbling across the work of Kristin Dorfhuber.
Music is art.
Yes it is.
Yes it is.
Yes it is.
Kristin's paintings are wonderful.
Funny sort of week.
Time vanished.
First week back into it all, perhaps.
Small people vanish, better places to go.
The routine.
But, I fell back in love with the voice of Drita from Berntholer.
So, I can breathe, again.
And it's goodbye.
For a time.
Hurry back.

Dif Juz - 'No motion' (4.49) [mp3]
- from the album 'Lonely is an eyesore' [4AD compilation]

Anna Domino - 'Isn't that so' (Jesse Winchester cover) (3.45) [mp3]
- from the album 'Mysteries of America'

Berntholer - 'My suitor' (3.07) [mp3]
- from the album 'Merry Lines in the Sky'


Take the first left...

Dif Juz

Anna Domino



Album of choice: Anna Domino - 'Anna Domino' (1986) [2004 LTM re-release]

It's winter. A light snow falls. Grey, fractured light spills from the clouds. Watching the waves ripple back and forth with seagulls, heads twitching, catching a ride with the ebb and flow... forwards to backwards, a repeat cycle with no ending... and you stand by the fading shoreline, staring out to sea, wrapped up warm... and you wonder where, exactly, your life might be heading... And this plays in your ears. There are no words. But it all makes sense. A smile creeps in, across a face weathered and beaten. You are home. For love matters.

Nancy Wilson - 'Elevator beat' (2.44) [mp3] (from the 'Vanilla Sky' soundtrack)
Places to go... please take a little time to visit Kristin Dorfhuber's online Gallery.
"Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable."
George Bernard Shaw
PS. I'm lost in your inbox. But I can see the light.
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