Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ellen Degeneres Explains Why Her Job Is The Best

Ellen Degeneres

That it goes to go for until thinks this sense. The gradico. Task perceives that it. That it has divertimento. I m. WESH 2 s the has been based with the presentatore of talk a show by day beloved while it was tying the exposures with a tape to . " How much time you want to be sull air? You have an pleasant jola, " Sugalski has said. They know that I m. Hardly don the t it thinks that make someone all the goods if I m. DeGeneres has answered, " Yeah, it s pleasant. That it does not have divertimento. Gradico people. It s my job that favorite I have never had, thus I m. Till that my hip does not go Badly and the can dance more that& #039 of t; s when I obtain outside given of soccer l air, " DeGeneres has said.. I have some more years on contracted mine and if still it thinks like this I conservation of the ll that it goes for some more years. Genuine interested.

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