Tuesday, September 12, 2006

'All I want you to do... Is find the things that I’ve lost in you...'

Michel Francois
"Turn off the key and shut me down
I’m the worst part of this town
Close your eyes for all to see
We will know you’ll still see me...
No time for words I'm afraid.

All very busy this weekend.

So this is it.

Just wanted to say that this posting is in homage to Merz, one of my very favourite MP3 bloggers - and someone whose taste in music is nothing short of wonderful.

His 'shoegaze' posts, in particular, are always quite special.

So, cue link, here are three contemporary 'shoegaze' classics that I can't seem to live without right now.

I'm not sure if Merz has posted these before but if so, well, a little repetition is rarely a bad thing...

Do enjoy. And buy the albums.

Oh, and you can find out more about the amazing work of Michel Francois over here.
Have a great weekend, pop-kids :)


Pia Fraus - 'The end of time and space...' (2.11) [mp3]

The Meeting Places - 'Same lies as yesterday' (4.18) [mp3]

Asobi Seksu - 'Red sea' (7.45) [mp3] (recommended)


New album alert:

The Meeting Places - 'Numbered Days' (Words on Music, 2006) is out on October 3rd in the USA and October 16th in Europe. You should have a look at their website - The Meeting Places - and click here for some excellent MP3s.

Other places you need to visit...

Asobi Seksu (some mp3s from here) (buy the album 'Citrus')

Pia Fraus (more to be heard over here) (buy the album 'In Solarium')

PS, There is a great article here about radical Chinese Director Lou Ye. You can read about 'Summer Palace' here and his 'ban' over here. Words just fail me...